Google Material Design's Animated Loading Spinner Using HTML, CSS and SVG

A look at how to create an animated loading spinner in the style of Google's Material Design.

Simple Static Web Server with 1 Line of Python

Setup a simple static web server for local development with just 1 line of Python SimpleHTTPServer.

WWDC 2014: Apple's New Focus on Security and Privacy

A quick look at one thing that seems to be a part of Apple's emphasis on security and privacy.

A Trip to London

Just a few photos from my trip to see Luke Emmerson back in March.

Reading Material of a Designer

Finally, a new place for all my books.

Tutorial: Beyond FTP and Getting Started with Git

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post on how Git and GitHub were improving the design process for my new personal site. Here's an introduction on how to get started with Git.

Apple's Leather iPhone Case

The iPhone 5's diamond-cut chamfer edges have been an issue for many, so finding the perfect case to avoid any more scuffs and scrapes was essential. Here are my thoughts.

Git: An Awesome Design Tool

Since joining SoPost back in July, I've been using Git to collaborate on our platform. This is my experience with Git and how it's helping me refine my portfolio.

Puma Social Club

During my recent visit to Prague, I came across a very interesting concept for a retail store.

The Canniest Degree Show on Earth

Northumbria's Graphic Design graduates for 2012 put on a canny good show! This is brief post on how they presented their work.