David Ingledow

Hey, my name is David Ingledow and I’m a designer based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

I’m fascinated about how we design, build and experience technology in our everyday lives. I often write about these ideas on my blog. I also post rambling thoughts and all the cool things I find on to Twitter.

I'm currently designing and building awesome things at SoPost — exploring new ways of bridging the gap between online and physical experiences. Since joining the amazing team at SoPost, contributing and sharing code on GitHub has been an essential part of my work, but I also occasionaly share what I'm working on to Dribbble as well.

I love music. I can move my way around a piano, as well as a drum kit, but can't wait to pick up and learn another instrument soon. Why not take a look at what I've been listening to recently on Rdio.

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