Apple's Leather iPhone Case

22 March 2014

It’s been a while since I bought my iPhone 5, and in the beginning, I was slightly frustrated with the marks that formed on the chamfer edges – even while being super careful.

I soon got over the issue because, I mean, it’s only a phone. It’s a tool to be used as it was designed. Plus, there’s more important things to worry about.

Now, I was in two minds whether to write this blog post. It seems rather pointless to spend my time esentially promoting the big ‘A’, but if nothing else, it’s an exercise in practicing my skills in documenting and communicating my blog posts with words and images. So, here ya go…

The infused dye passes through the whole leather, making the inside suede colour complement the leather. The suede inside is soft and makes it fairly cushioned for the phone.

The cutouts for the heaphone jack, dock connector, speaker and microphone are made with nanometre precision. It’s also worth mentioning that this precision means that this case really grips – it’s even really quite tricky to get the phone out! Personally, I’m glad; this is exactly what you want from a case.

The subtle branding on the reverse of the case is beautifully simple.

I can’t recommend the case enough – it’s tough, slim and beautifully simple. They come in various colours, but for me the brown version contrasts really well with the blue tinge of the slate.